Jack Vromen


I studied economics and philosophy (after becoming frustrated with an overdose of math and statistics in econometrics) at Tilburg University. For a few years I was a researcher in philosophy at that University, but I gladly seized the opportunity in 1987 to become an assistant professor in philosophy of economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Apart from having a part-time position at the University of Amsterdam for a few years and a short stay at the LSE, I 'home-lovingly' stayed at the EUR until today (although I could never bring myself to live in Rotterdam). My loyalty paid me well. After having been promoted to associate professor, I became full professor in theoretical philosophy (with philosophy of economics as my specialization) in 2006.

Fortunately, there always has been a life besides my academic endeavors. Or, actually, rather a few lives. Spending time with my children, Eelco and Simone, is almost always a great joy in life for me. Too bad that that does not happen more often (especially now that they have spread their wings). Living together with Conny, which unfortunately lasted way too short (she very unexpectedly passed away in May 2012), was a great joy and delight.

I am also fond of moving around and doing physical exercise. Becoming an appendix to my desk never really appealed to me. I like a lot to hike, bike, run and play tennis (and also, in those heavenly earlier days in which I was not yet plagued by all kinds of injuries, to play football - i.e., soccer). I am also a passionate music lover. I play my cello practically every day, even if it is just for a quarter of an hour. It makes me feel humble - I feel like a scribbler - and it at the same time opens up altogether different sorts of experiences to me. 'Passively' attending concerts (especially in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam) is also one of my favorite pastimes.


Faculty of Philosophy
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Erasmus University Rotterdam
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3000 DR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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